Irvine, CA Chapter

Uniform Policy

At The Little Way CSH, we believe in the benefits of wearing uniforms, to promote educational focus, a unified student body and a culture of respect.  Please follow our uniform guidelines so that we may favorably represent our homeschool community and to heighten the value we place on our class day.


  • Navy blue polo shirt with slacks, knee-length shorts or a knee-length jumper or skirt.
  • Navy blue polo dress, knee-length.
  • Tidy hair, no hats, no sweatpants/leggings (unless worn under a skirt).
  • Neutral or navy bike shorts or leggings under skirts/dresses to ensure modesty.


  • Navy blue polo shirt (long or short-sleeved), slacks or shorts.
  • Tidy hair, no hats, no sweatpants.

Uniforms are optional for children in our Nursery group, but keep in mind that many toddlers enjoy being included in our navy-blue family culture!


  • Lands-End Uniform:  Navy polos, sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts (for field trips) and totes with the Catholic Schoolhouse logo are available from Lands End.  Visit for more information and to create a student account.  The school number for these products is 900182973.