Irvine, CA Chapter

Super Scholar Program

Super Scholar is the highest award achievable for all Catholic Schoolhouse scholars in grammar, dialectic and rhetoric ages. It consists of all eight subjects, all 24 weeks fully memorized from the grammar tour guide.

The eight subject areas are – Religion, Geography, Math, Language Arts, Classical Roots, Science, History, and Timeline (history cards). Scholars may choose one or more subject to work toward.
Directors will award certificates for those attempting one or more subjects and scholars achieving all eight subjects will receive the certificate, a medal or trophy and a t-shirt.

The titles printed on the certificates include:

 One (Subject) – Spectacular Specialist
 Two – Whiz Kid
 Three – Terrific Thinker
 Four – Academic Athlete
 Five – Extraordinary Expert
 Six – Incredible Intellectual
 Seven – Emerging Einstein
 Eight –Super Scholar

The Director will test after week 24 either during  a special testing time.  Awards will be distributed during our Year-End showcase.

Each family decides how many achievements to work toward in a given year. Families are not required to participate, but all families are encouraged to work toward at least one achievement.

Parents will work with their student at home and confirm they are ready to be evaluated at year’s end.   There are weekly study sheets, flash cards, and classroom display cards to assist the parent at home with memorization.  These will be provided by the Director and/or found on the Tour One Resources link.

Directors will quiz the student with just the parent present. Parents are there for support and witness but must remain quiet. Directors will randomly quiz the child by asking about a topic such as, “Tell me about the area of a rectangle.” The student will respond, “The area of a rectangle equals length times width.” Or, “Finish this statement: The Civil Rights movement started in” and the student will respond with the entire history statement. For the timeline, the student will be given the first event in the week and respond with the other four events. Alternately, if a student wishes they can be asked to sing the timeline for one entire quarter.

For scholars attempting several subjects, directors will ask 6 questions for one subject at a time before switching to the next subject. Answering 6 questions successfully completes the award for that subject.

(When the material in the Tour Guide and the Memory Work CD do not match exactly word for word, either presentation is acceptable.)

Additional tips for parents: The most successful students usually sing the answers to the director when prompted. Please encourage your students that singing the answer during testing is perfectly acceptable.